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Refunds and Returns Policy

  1. Disclaimer: Simplethnic t/a The Dumb Butler can not guarantee nor be held liable for any items ordered, nor can we supply a warranty on items purchased once it has left our premises due to consumer/ courier handling or mistreatment.
  3. Simplethnic is a VAT registered entity
  4. A Full deposit is a standard with us to acknowledge the acceptance of a quote/order, and orders are done exactly to the finalized agreed quote.
  5. No orders will be done without the secured deposit paid and cleared.
  6. Any variations or alterations will be credited or rectified only after the balance is paid of the original invoice!
  7. Delivery costs are for the client’s account although the most reliable and cheapest means are always sourced!
  8. We try to deliver within 48 hours! (Branded items 5-7 working days from signed approval of artwork)
  9. Delivery periods and stock availability may vary occasionally due to unforeseen factors, as may prices from time of quote.
  10. Delivery is strictly C.O.D. as we carry the cost on the balance of your invoice.
  11. A 20% handling fee will be charged on paid orders cancelled.
  12. Accepted methods of payment are cash/ E.F.T/ mobile card facility available (Pocket Pos)
  13. We bank with NEDBANK
  14. 9. Discount NOT applicable on specials.
  15. 10. Artwork and requests for artwork/samples to be supplied by us will be for the client’s account.
  16. 11. Wrongly printed/embroidered items are neither returnable nor refundable once samples are approved.
  17. 12. Sizing on all clothing and linen is standard and must be double checked before manufacturing (3-4 weeks) is leadtime on all linen products- 5-7 working days lead time on all Branded items.
  18. We regret that we cannot be responsible for staff loss/gain or weight loss/gain of the client company.
  19.  A new invoice /order will then be issued.
  20. Colour variation might occur and cannot be rectified/returned as products are dyed in various lots by the various manufacturers.
  21. Samples requested on standard items will be charged for.
  22. 15.Simplethnic will not be held liable due to error from the client/ importer/ suppliers/ manufacturers/ printers/ embroiderers after artwork approval and subsequent paid deposit.