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What is difference between braai and BBQ?
The main difference between a braai and a BBQ has to be the fire. A braai just isn’t considered a braai if cooked on a gas grill. People will gather around the fire after eating and spend the rest of the day or evening there. We never braai alone! What is a braai?
South African Braai has no equivalent in the world. A braai is a special “meat-fest” that can often last for hours on end. Also, a traditional braai is cooked over local hardwood, like kameeldoring wood, which gives the meat and other sides a distinct flavor, The word ‘braai’ originated from the Dutch word ‘braden’ which means to roast or bbq. This happened when South Africa was an old dutch colony, and over the years, ‘braden’ transformed into the Afrikaans ‘braai’

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